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Quilt Sizes and Pricing

Price Guide

There are a number of variables factored into the final price of a custom/memory quilt.  FJQuilts are priced based on the finished size and difficulty of the design, but may also include costs for additional fabric/materials and number and size of images (if any).  Once a design is mutually agreed upon by the client and FJQuilts, an official Quote Sheet/Contract is sent for signature.  When endorsed, this price is binding through quilt completion.

Pricing below reflects customer supplying their own Fabric.

 Please add 15% to quilt cost if fabric is supplied by FJQuilts.

Preserve Priceless Memories as Custom Quilts and Quilt Art Using Your Own Fabrics......
Baby Clothes, T-Shirts, Uniforms, Jeans, Ties, Curtains, Suits, Photographs, Artwork, or Memorabilia.

Any size or type of quilt can be made into a wall hanging by simply having a Hanging Sleeve at an additional cost. 

Baby 38" x 38" $195

Lap/Throw 36" x 66" $335

Twin 40" x 75" $415

Full 54" x 75" $575

Queen 75" x 90" $650

King 90" x 102" $780

*Covers the top of a standard sized bed.  

Custom sizes available upon request. ** Prices may vary by design and size.

Prices effective Feb 2015 - subject to change at any time.

Custom Quilt Sizes

Baby Quilts - 38" x 38"

Lap/Throw Quilts -  36" x 66"

Twin Quilts -  40" x 75"

Full Quilts -  54" x 75"

Queen Quilts - 75" x 90"

King Quilts - 90" x 102"

Pricing is subject to fabric choice and sizing.

Photo Quilt Sizes

Small - 40" x 30"

Large - 45" x 60"

Pricing is subject to fabric choice. First 4 pictures are included with your quoted quilt price and every picture after that is $15 per picture.

Jean Quilt Sizes

Lap/Throw Quilts -  36" x 66"

Queen Quilts - 75" x 90"

King Quilts - 102" x 90"

Pricing is subject to fabric choice and sizing.

T-Shirt Quilts

12 shirts will make a throw-size quilt, approx. 48" x 64" - 3 across x 4 down.
20 shirts will make a twin size quilt, approx. 64" x 82" - 4 across x 5 down
30 shirts will make a full size quilt, approx.

82" x 96" - 5 across x 6 down.
36 shirts will make a queen size quilt, approx. 96" x 96" - 6 across x 6 down.
42 shirts will make a king size quilt, approx 110" x 96" - 7 across x 6 down.

T-shirt Quilts are $15 per square. The square would consist of one t-shirt. The price includes all material and labor with one exception your t-shirts. 

Pictures can be added to the t-shirt quilt at $19 per picture.

T-shirt Quilts with sashing are $18 per square. Sashing is the colored strip of fabric between each square it  matches the backing color.  We always recommend sashing if more than 70% of your t-shirts are the same color. If not, it is still a nice touch.